Importing Sites from SiteBuilder 4.5

If you have a site created with SiteBuilder 4.5, you can import it to Presence Builder.

Note: The import of sites from earlier versions of SiteBuilder or other content management systems is not supported.

If your site was created with an earlier version of SiteBuilder (4.4 or earlier), and you would like to transfer your site, you can do the following:

  • Contact your hosting provider and ask them to upgrade your account to the latest version of Presence Builder.
  • Transfer your site manually by copying and pasting the content.

During site import, most parts of the site structure and content can be transferred successfully. However, we cannot guarantee that all content will be transferred.

In most cases, the following elements are imported successfully:

  • Site map.
  • Static pages, including links and images in text modules. Note that text blocks exceeding 30 kilobytes may be cut; therefore, some parts of the text may be missing.
  • Banner (if it is not a custom image).
  • Slogan, site title.
  • Logo (if it is not a custom image).
  • Footer text.
  • Meta information (keywords, description).

The other modules can be imported only as text widgets with static content, links and images. Buttons will not work. The image gallery structure can be imported without images.

To import a site from SiteBuilder 4.5:

  1. Open the Presence Builder editor, and on the topic selection screen, click Import Site from SiteBuilder 4.5.
  2. Type the Internet address (domain name) of the site that you want to import. For example:
  3. Select the checkbox to confirm that you are aware of possible import issues, and click Import Site.
  4. After the site is imported, review and edit it as required. You can compare the imported site version with your original site and add the missing information manually.
  5. When finished with editing, publish the site to your customer account.

If you are publishing your new site to the same subscription on which your site created with SiteBuilder 4.5 was hosted, the old site will be overwritten.